UC 3-5/4-6 closure

SCHT VA 3-5 SC 14

The UC closures are designed for copper networks, 3-5 specifically meant for secondary networks. All of our solutions include training, be it over the internet or on the field depending on our customer's request. Should you need more specific information, do not hesitate to contact our sales team, or request our datasheet via the button below.

1. 20 years useful life.

2. Permits from 10-100 pairs if 3-5 or 100-200 if 4-6.

3. Cold seal, but utilizes a special high technology elastomer to seal.

4. Round entries and exits drilled with a special UC drill. The drill is sold separately.

5. IP 68 compliant hermeticity.

6. It can be completely customized, from its color and its logo to any of the solution's measurements.

7. Permits wall, cable or post mounting.