1. Do you customize or modify your products to fit the needs of specific customers?

We customize our solutions depending on the purchase size of our customer. For small purchases, customization is limited to color and branding. For larger purchases, we can even develop solutions from scratch. The exact values vary, and our sales agents should be consulted for specific values.

2. What is the price for this clientelisation or modification?

The customization has no additional cost, but for this reason we have a minimum purchase requirement depending on the degree of the required customization. These degrees vary, and for more specific data our sales agents should be consulted.

3. What is the cost of the training?

Our product training has no additional cost for our customers, because we understand that if our customers are successful with our solutions, they will become repeat customers.

4. How far do they travel to go to train?

We can travel to any country in the world, and we can communicate in both English and Spanish on a native level.

5. All companies say that their products are cheap, how do I know that in your case is true?

We have a history of winning cusomters over due to our high cost-efficiency. We can provide customer recommendations highlighting this fact, and the fact that we beat our competition for this same reason.

6. How long will it take to answer my questions or requests?

Depends on the doubt or question, but our sales agents answer as soon as possible. To ensure a swift response, each one of our customers has a specific sales agent assigned to them.

7. In what countries do they sell?

Generally we sell in South and Central America, but we have very specific customers in countries around the world. For example, we have sold some of our solutions in countries like India or Serbia. This means that we can sell directly in any country around the world.

8. What are the shipping conditions?

We generally sell Exworks Bogota, but we can change sales conditions to whatever our customers need, for example we can sell CIF Cartagena for countries which have an Atlantic Coast (such as the US East Coast).

9. Are your solutions compatible with other brands?

Depends on the solution, but we try to be compatible to at least some degree with the market leaders. An example would be the tray of our 96 fiber splice dome type closure, which is compatible with Tyco (or nowadays Commscope).

10. How can I get more technical information about your solutions or Silver?

All you need to do is present all your doubts to your assigned sales agent. This sales agent is assigned when you contact Silver for the first time.