We design, develop, manufacture and commercialize solutions for active and passive networks, for both copper and fiber optics.

Why solutions? Because we teach our customers about how to best use our products, which transcends them into solutions. This has no additional cost.

Our international presence

Companies in these countries have had faith in Silver, and as a result they have obtained excellent quality solutions and an excellent customer service. Many of these international customers purchase regularly from us, which means that they are very satisfied with out solutions.


Our history

We understood that in the market there were plenty of excellent products, but very few solutions. We provided solutions, which means materials (or products) along with the knowledge on how to best utilize them, in such a way that our customers can use them effectively in their copper or fiber networks.

Our factory

Thanks to our excellent productive processess and our strong emphasis on lean manufacturing, we managed to manufacture products of equal or superior quality to the most important brands in the market, but at a fraction of the price.

Our Value Offer

We provide support for our customers while they deploy all of our solutions, without additional cost. We understand that the success of our customers translates into our own success, and we show that in our behavior..