Cold seal 24 splices in line type closure

SFOL E4 12x

This in-line type closure permits up to 24 fusion splices in 2 trays of 12 fibers, it is cold sealing and it is IP 68. All of our solutions include training on the field or online, according to our customer's preference. If you need more specific information, do not hesitate to contact our sales team or you can also request our datasheet here.

1. 20 year's useful life.

2. Permits a minimum of 12 fibers and a maximum of 24.

3. Cold Seal.

4. 3 round entries and exits.

5. IP 68 compliant hermeticity.

6. It can be fully customized, from its color to its measurements. 

7. It can be mounted to wall, post and cable.